The Cyprus entrepreneurship competition is a business plan competition that brings to the foreground bold innovative ideas and startup activities. We nurture entrepreneurship by connecting people with opportunities and help teams build out their ideas with the support of industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs.

Our focus is on sustainable solutions that respond to real and global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.

Our goal is to identify and transform those bold ideas into viable startup ventures with the potential to compete on a global scale, that either drive substantial market value or create social change though different business models.

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CYEC 2021 Finalists, winners and final remarks

This year's CyEC2021 was full of great many things...

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Following the successful completion of the acceleration program of the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2021...

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CYEC2021 Stage 1 Results

We would like to welcome and congratulate the teams who have been admitted to the business acceleration program...

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1st Prize: €10,000

2nd Prize: €6,000

3rd Prize: €4,000

* More awards will be announced soon


Alexis Pantazis

Co-founder and Executive Director, Hellas Direct , Greece

Elena Tanou

Vice Chairman, Top Kinisis Travel Public Ltd

Giorgos Zacharia

President, KAYAK

Maria Kouloumbri

Senior Officer, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center


Anastasia Constantinou

Head of Innovation Management Unit, Research Support Service at University of Cyprus

Anixi Antonakoudi

PhD, MBA, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Office, The Cyprus Institute

Ariana Polyviou

Lecturer, School of Business of the University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Christina Orphanidou

Senior Manager, Advisory, Data and Artificial Intelligence Lab, PwC Cyprus

Demetrios Eliades

Research Assistant Professor, KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence, University of Cyprus

Demetris Hadjisofokli

CEO, Centre for Social Innovation, Cyprus

Fabio Maria Montagnino

Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Cyprus Institute

George K. Demetriou

CEO, Positive Group


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