What is CyEC

Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact

At the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition (CyEC), our mission is to nurture a thriving entrepreneurship culture. From students to young researchers, academics, administrative staff, and graduates, we aim to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and provide a platform for transformative ideas to flourish.

We aspire to contribute to developing a healthy and innovative business ecosystem in Cyprus. Leveraging the research results, infrastructure, and expertise available within the University, we seek to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to compete globally and drive positive change.

The Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition is more than just a business plan competition; it’s a transformative journey for early-stage entrepreneurs.

Participants are offered a unique opportunity to hone their ideas, enhance their business acumen, and build valuable networks. We create an empowering environment for growth through thoughtfully designed workshops in collaboration with local and international partners, impactful mentoring sessions, and engaging networking events.

We are driven by a passion for sustainable solutions that address real and global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. We seek ideas that have the potential to make a significant impact on a worldwide scale, and we are committed to nurturing ventures that can contribute positively to society.

What is CyEC

Looking for Ambitious Teams

At CyEC, we seek ambitious teams eager to accelerate their ideas’ development. We value agility and adaptability, recognizing the importance of finding the best problem-solution fit and product-market alignment. We aim to support teams hungry for growth and an unwavering commitment to turning their ideas into impactful realities.

At CyEC, we invite you to be part of our vibrant community. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, an academic, a researcher, or a passionate supporter of innovation, your participation is instrumental in shaping a brighter future through entrepreneurship.

Together, let’s drive change, build impactful ventures, and foster an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship that propels Cyprus onto the global stage. Welcome to the journey of limitless possibilities!