Marketing: Framework and Tools

A focal point of any business model is the value proposition (VP). However, to be able to configure the VP, one needs to firstly understand and cater to customer needs/wants and their characteristics, in order to build effective segments.

Additionally, decisions regarding the pricing, distribution and promotion of the product/service become of utmost importance, in an effort to provide customer satisfaction to the point of delight.


Friday, 7th October 2022
17:00 - 19:00


LRC 012 Learning Resource Centre "Stelios Ioannou"/ UCY Library

The Trainer

Dr. Daina Nicolaou has been faculty of the Department of Business and Public Administration at the University of Cyprus (UCY) since 2012.

She has a BSc in Public and Business Administration from UCY with specialization in Marketing and Management and an MBA (full scholarship). Dr D. Nicolaou continued her studies at Warwick Business School where she attained a PhD in Strategy, Marketing and Management. She then proceeded with postdoctoral studies at the University of Oxford.

She has been teaching Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Management and Research related courses since 2003.

She is also a registered ISO Quality Assessor and a certified trainer by the Human Resource Development Authority. Additionally, she has the Postgraduate Award of Professional and Academic Practice of the University of Warwick.

Dr D. Nicolaou is a mentor at the Centre for Entrepreneurship at UCY.