Fabio Maria Montagnino

Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Cyprus Institute

Short Bio:

Fabio Maria Montagnino is the Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at The Cyprus Institute.Physicists, he holds a R&D background in experimental and computational biophysics, and personal entrepreneurial experience. Since the late ‘90s he is involved the EU innovation ecosystem. He directly established two incubators, and contributed to the implementation of many hard and soft infrastructures for innovation, as well as to the transfer of approaches and methodologies to EU partner countries in the Mediterranean area.

Involved in more than 30 research and innovation projects and clustering actions, and holding the role of coordinator in many of those, he is considered among the European leaders of innovation ecosystems by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. In the last decade, his interest has been focused on the holistic combination of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation, towards the sustainable development perspective.

Areas of Expertise:

Green and Clean Technologies, Creative and Cultural Industries, Social Innovation