Konstantina Ioannou

Konstantina Ioannou

Scale-up Coordinator, PwC Cyprus

Short Bio:

Konstantina Ioannou is the coordinator of the PwC Cyprus Scale-up Programme, supporting its design, establishment and operation. Scale-up is a new programme specifically designed to offer start-ups specialised services and the tools needed to accelerate growth. Konstantina has extensive experience in managing and contributing to European and National funded research projects and she has participated in numerous research projects funded by the European Union (H2020, Erasmus+, Interreg, ENI CBC MED and RESTART 2016-2020). Konstantina participates in the implementation of projects within the Business Consulting unit as an entrepreneurship, innovation and EU policy expert and provides information to PwC professionals as well as PwC clients about European and National Funding Opportunities. She actively supports the entrepreneurship and innovation activities promoted by PwC Cyprus. Konstantina holds a BSc in Biological Sciences and an MSc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Cyprus. She has been awarded from the Research and Innovation Foundation for her undergraduate and postgraduate studies and she has also received several awards for her participation in national literature competitions.

Area of Expertise:

Fundraising, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management