Paris A. Skourides

Paris A. Skourides

Associate Professor, University of Cyprus

Short Bio:

Dr. Skourides began his tertiary education, as a Fulbright Scholar at Brandeis University (Boston, USA), where he graduated summa cum laude with highest honors in Biochemistry. During his undergraduate studies, he worked under Dr R. Ren doing research on Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia was awarded the Nathan O. Kaplan Prize in Biochemistry and was selected as a Howard Hughes undergraduate fellow. He then went on to do his PhD at The Rockefeller University, under the supervision of Dr A. Brivanlou, investigating the molecular basis of morphogenetic movements in Xenopus and developing biocompatible Quantum Dots and imaging applications in collaboration with the lab of Experimental Condensed Matter Physics of Dr. Libchaber. At the same time he participated in the development of camera systems and microscopy software and consulted for biotechnology firms. In 2002, he co-authored a seminal paper, demonstrating the use of biocompatible Quantum Dots in a living organism for the first time. This work, published in Science, remains one of the most cited papers in the field. He graduated in June 2004 and was recruited at the University of Cyprus in 2005. In the past few years, research from his group has been published in prestigious journals like Science Signaling, Development, Nature Communications, Developmental Cell, Cell Reports and the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Dr. Skourides was recently awarded the Excellence in Research award by the University of Cyprus.

Areas of Expertise:

Cell, Molecular and Developmental biology, Optical Imaging, Nanobiotechnology